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A breakthrough in ‘condensed’ batteries could power long-range vehicles

A thousand kilometers of autonomy may become finally a reality after the world’s largest EV battery manufacturer unveiled a technological breakthrough expected for mass production this year.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), a Chinese battery manufacturer and technology firm created in 2011, specializing in the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, as well as battery management systems (BMS), affirms that its new ‘condensed’ battery can hold nearly double the power of Tesla’s top-of-the-line 4680 battery cell, which was considered a game-changer just a few months ago with its stated range of 450km (279 miles), that is a 16 percent driving range increase compared to the 2170 battery cell it replaces.

CATL claims that it breaks down the technological constraints impeding the development of electric-powered passenger aircraft by enabling long-distance mobility without the need for recharging.

EV range has doubled in the last decade as the battery sector prepares for the rapid transition to electric vehicles. Given that most drivers rarely require a range of 1,000km (621 miles), the advancement could lead to smaller batteries and lower-cost EVs.

CATL made its breakthrough by producing a semisolid-state battery with partially solid electrolytes, which has a higher energy density than today’s lithium-ion batteries’ liquid or gel electrolytes.

According to the company, which produces one-third of the world’s EV batteries, “The launch of condensed batteries will usher in an era of universal electrification of sea, land, and air transportation.”

In yet another proof of the sector’s promising advancements, the Volkswagen-backed company Gotion High Tech, another China-based and rapidly expanding energy solutions firm aiming to innovate and develop the next generation of battery technology, has announced intentions to bring a 1,000km-range battery to the mainstream market. Gotion High claims that mass manufacturing of its lithium-manganese-iron-phosphate Astroinno L600 battery will commence in 2024.

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