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Tesla’s first ‘giga lab’ in China demonstrates how its electric cars are manufactured by robots in 45 seconds

Tesla has established China’s first Giga Laboratory, or Giga Lab, where visitors can watch robots and engineers build the brand’s electric automobiles in 45 seconds. The Giga Lab, which is now accessible to the public, is planned to be a manufacturing and exhibition zone in the footsteps of its brothers throughout the world, such as the Giga Factory in Berlin. The interior of the Giga Lab in Chengdu is steel and gray, similar to the Shanghai Gigafactory, with a simple and hushed-down visual language to highlight the huge area. Tesla Asia confirms on Twitter that the Giga Lab in Chengdu also serves as a store for visitors so that they can purchase their own Tesla EVs on the spot.

Tesla’s Giga Lab in Chengdu is designed to look like an exhibition, with transparent glass cases displaying automobile parts to better educate visitors on the equipment already, or that may be, installed, in the brand’s electric vehicles. According to Tesla Asia, visitors can experience Tesla’s ‘hardcore beauty’ inside the laboratory. According to a series of photographs shared by Tesla Asia, Tesla’s legendary robot arm in its facilities, including Berlin, is working on the frame of the Tesla Model 3 on its own.

The first Tesla Giga Lab in China is also a gathering space for Tesla fans to meet, speak, and interact with one another. Seats and sofas are readily accessible to accommodate people, and they are spaced out to optimize free areas and prevent overcrowding. They can also appreciate and learn about the cars’ tools and equipment by looking through the frames that enclose car parts and descriptions on the walls. Tesla car models are parked within the Giga Lab so that visitors may have a sense of what they might be driving at the end of their stay and be shown the technology of the electric vehicles through the use of a physical model.

According to a post by Tesla Shanghai, visitors to the Giga Lab are taught how its electric vehicles are constructed in roughly 45 seconds, most likely using the robot arm present within the laboratory. Through its basic and well-illuminated environment, the laboratory is a space where clever and modern technology meets art, and potentially even design, for the vehicle brand. Inside the Giga Lab in Chengdu, the process of automobile manufacture, which is frequently hidden from the public, is on display, providing a sneak peek into what goes into Tesla’s car production in its plants.

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